The name of this organization shall be West Indianola Parent Teacher Organization of Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas.


This organization shall strive to promote the welfare of children and youth through a close relationship of home, school and community.  We accept each individual as they are.  We provide a stimulating environment for learning experiences designed to promote the best mental, physical and emotional health possible to help them fill their place in society.


Section A: Members

  1. All parents or guardians of children attending the West Indianola School shall be considered PTO members.
  2. All teachers and staff of the West Indianola School shall be considered PTO members.
  3. All members shall have one (1) vote on any PTO business.  No proxy voting shall be allowed.
  4. All members shall be encouraged to take part in any and all of the activities and meetings of this organization.

Section B: Dues

There are no dues to join this organization but monetary donations of any amount are accepted.


Section A: The West Indianola PTO shall function as an independent Parent-Teacher Organization.  It will be non-commercial, non-sectarian and non-partisan.

Section B: The name of this organization and its officers in the official capacities shall not be used in connection with any commercial concerns or partisan interest.

Section C: This organization as a body shall not seek to control nor interfere with the administrative actives or policies of the school except through the Seaman School Board.

Section D: This organization may cooperate with other non-commercial groups and public agencies active in child welfare.

Section E: Changes of policy will require a two-thirds majority vote of the members present at a general meeting.  Bylaws may be amended at any general meeting providing written notice of the impending amendment(s) are made known ten (10) days in advance of the meeting.  Bylaw changes require a simple majority.


Section A: The elected officers shall include a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Volunteer Coordinator and shall be referred to as the Executive Board.  Officers shall serve a term of one (1) year.  The President shall not serve in the same capacity for more than two (2) consecutive years.  Officers shall assume their duties following the last meeting of the current school year.

Section B: President – The President shall preside at all meetings of the organization and the PTO board, be an ex-officio member of all committees, appoint special committees and perform all duties normally pertaining to the office.  The newly elected President shall be responsible to fill the committee chairs for the next school year.

Section C: Vice-President – The Vice-President shall assume all duties and responsibilities of the office of the President or Secretary in their absence, act as an aide to the President in the performance of his duties and assist in the program planning of meetings.  In the event the President cannot serve out his term, the Vice-President automatically becomes President.

Section D: Secretary – The Secretary shall keep a written record of all meetings of the organization and its officers’ meeting and perform all normal duties of the office, including sending copies of minutes to all officers, teacher representatives and the principal, and making minutes available to be included with the weekly newsletter.

Section E: Treasurer – The Treasurer shall be responsible for collecting and depositing all monies due the organization, keep an account book showing receipts and expenditures, pay all approved bills of the organization and present a financial report at each meeting.

Section F: Volunteer Coordinator – The Volunteer Coordinator will establish and maintain a volunteer list to staff all programs and events.  The Volunteer Coordinator will provide a list of these volunteers, the program or event budget (as applicable), and other relevant information to the committee chairperson for each program or event.


Section A: Committees of the PTO shall be reviewed yearly and may consist of the following:

  1. Audit Committee
  2. Red Ribbon Week
  3. Box Tops for Education
  4. Campbell’s Soup Labels
  5. Chili Social
  6. American Education Week
  7. Head Room Parent
  8. 6th Grade Promotion/Party
  9. Kindergarten Round-Up
  10. Nominating Committee
  11. Carnival
  12. T-Shirt Sales
  13. Teacher Appreciation Lunches
  14. Yearbook
  15. All Fund Raiser Chairs

Section B: Filling Committee Chairs

After the election of new officers, committee chair position will be open to all PTO members to volunteer for said positions for the following school year.  Committee chairs are to give a report of all committee meetings and plans to the President.


Section A: There shall be a nominating committee composed of three (3) members who shall be selected at the January meeting.

Section B: The nominating committee shall take nominations for each office to be filled and report all nominees to the PTO board at the meeting prior to the last meeting of the year.  Only those persons who signify their consent to serve if elected shall be nominated for an office.

Section C: Elections shall take place at the last meeting of the year.

Section D: At the last meeting of the year nominations may be made from the floor, provided the nominee is present to signify their consent to serve if elected.

Section E: A vacancy occurring in any office shall be filled by two-thirds majority vote of the PTO board.

Section F: The nominating committee shall oversee all facets of the election process from nominations through the election.


The PTO board shall consist of the elected officers, principal and the appointed teacher representatives.


  1. This organization shall hold meetings regularly to coordinate all the activities of the organization including planning fun raising activities, disbursement of funds and discussion of needs of the students, staff and parents.
  2. All PTO members are welcome to attend any and all meetings.
  3. Dates and times of meetings shall be set at the first scheduled meeting of the current school year.  The President may call special meetings at any time.
  4. A quorum shall consist of a majority of the total board members.  Each member shall have one (1) vote.  No proxy voting shall be allowed.
  5. New business, see ARTICLE X, number 9.


  1. The Executive Board shall meet to prepare a budget of anticipated revenue and expenses for the year.  They will present it for approval by the full membership at the first meeting of the year.  This budget shall be used to guide the activities of the organization during the year.  Any deviation from the budget greater than $25.00 must be approved in advance by the organization.
  2. All funds raised by the PTO shall be placed in an account designated by the PTO Executive Board.  PTO checks will require two signatures, the Treasurer and the School Principal (or other officer specified by the Executive Board).
  3. All expenses of the PTO must be approved by the organization as presented in the budget.  Items up to $100.00 that are not specified in the budget may be approved with a majority vote of PTO Executive Board members without brining the purchase before the full organization.  The disbursement must be reported to the organization at the next regularly scheduled meeting.
  4. The fiscal year of the organization shall be from August 1 to July 31.
  5. There must be a minimum of $500.00 in the bank account at all times.
  6. An amount of money will be left in the bank account at the end of each year to cover any unpaid bills and obligations plus a reserve amount of at least $2,000.00.
  7. At the end of the fiscal year, all budgeted funds not spent or encumbered (playground, OWLS) will return to the general fund.
  8. An auditing committee appointed by the Executive Board will review PTO finances at the end of each fiscal year.
  9. Any new business with unbudgeted expenses exceeding $100.00 introduced at a meeting will be discussed and tabled for a vote at the next meeting.
  10. Mini Grants:
    • Faculty members must complete and submit a mini grant application to the PTO President at least ten days prior to the meeting.
    • Each grant will be reviewed by the Executive Board and presented to the PTO for discussion at the next meeting.
    • The Executive Board will review each application based on:
      • West Indianola’s long term goals/direction of the school
      • Availability of alternate funds from school or district budget for said item(s)
      • Availability of funds in PTO budget.
      • One grant per teacher per school year.
    • Total grants approved cannot exceed budgeted amount.
    • Mini-Grant Application (82 Kb PDF)


Robert’s Rules of Order shall be followed in all cases where they do not conflict with the organization’s bylaws.

Bylaws last revised: March 2009

West Indianola PTO Bylaws (95 Kb PDF)